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I design acoustic products and interiors in co-operation with Konto Ltd, the producer of the patented acoustic board made of Finnish peat moss.


The organic, tox-free and 100% Finnish material enables healthy, diverse and individual solutions that acoustically improve public and private spaces, while creating a comfortable and aesthetic living and working environment.

You can order the acoustic panel designs in the collection below.


The models Ambient, Fuji, Ginkgo, Ornament and Sointu are also sold in the producer's Konto Ltd net shop >>

You can also send requests of changes in size and color, or I can create a completely unique piece of acoustic art styled to your space:

Akustiikkapaneelit akustiikkateokset akustiikka acoustic panels
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Note: The actual exact color of the product may differ from the one shown in the picture. The most correct shade of the colour can be found in Tikkurila's printed color chart. The colour of the Konto board can be slightly visible through the paint, so the final shade is not exactly in accordance with the color chart, especially in the lightest shades.


You can check the Tikkurila digital colours here: 

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