Pyry Luminen

I'm a Finnish photographer, architect, writer and engineer.

My photography journey started a quarter of a century ago around the same time as my architectural studies. Finnish Nature has always been my strongest inspiration. I like to capture the magical moments created by light and the changing colours of the seasons.


Welcome to my gallery where you can travel from the cool white winter to the yellowish and burning colours of the autumn. You can also dive into the fresh green summer time and find the Nature's awakening during the months of the blossoming spring.

In addition to photographing I also write short articles about environment, architecture, politics, art and technology. 

* April 24th 1968 in Lahti Finland

1991 Master of Science in Engineering in TUT Tampere Finland

1996 Master of Science in Architecture in TUT Tampere Finland

2004 Paroc Architectural Award, Santen Ltd, Finland

2009 Adec Architectural Award, Abu Dhabi Future School, The UAE

2010 - 2019 Prizes in national and international photographing competitions

2018 North East Design, private design studio

North East Design, Pyry Luminen architect and designer, architecture